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Man’s Search For Meaning, by Viktor Frankl

Written by an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, Man’s Search For Meaning is one of those books that everyone should find time to read. Unless of course you already ‘get it’, it is very likely to change the way you think. It is very likely to help you understand that happiness is a choice — or as Dr Frankl puts it, that:

“Man is not free from his conditions, but he is free to take a stand towards his conditions.”

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5 new leadership books to read this summer

Optimize your strengths Read my latest blog published by @ProfAcademy, recommending a range of new #leadership-books chosen to provide deep learning and hope, unlike current media soundbites and reactionary articles …

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Isabel Allende’s legendary novel, Eva Luna

Yes I know. This is meant to be a blog about corporate story telling. Why, oh why am I telling you about a novel written by the daughter of a Chilean diplomat whose life path was deeply influenced by the military coup that brought Pinochet to power? [Read more →]

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Veronika Decides to Die, Paulo Coelho

Legacy is much talked about in both personal development and IT circles — two communities I frequent. So, when I stumbled across the legacy of the QWERTY keyboard in a Paulo Coelho book as an analogy for the way some people live their lives I had to smile. Legacy is not the only theme relevant to personal development that Coelho explores through this work though: conformity versus madness and the value of truth are given due consideration too. This intensely moving and uplifting book is a tight, poetic song of life. Its central message speaks to the head, the heart and the soul and is one worth absorbing in today’s environment.

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The Power of Story

Jim Loehr’s The Power of Story reveals how the the way we tell stories about ourselves to ourselves impacts our business and personal lives. “Your story is your life,” he announces before showing you how to rewrite your stories and transform your life. [Read more →]

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7 Leadership Fables Every Leader & Manager Should Read

Why ‘showing’ not ‘telling’ works: the power of positive storytelling

Fables have existed ever since humans first learned to communicate. Ancient civilisations used them. Future civilisations will too.  Why? Because fables use the power of story to ‘show’, rather than ‘tell’, truths in ways that are immediately acceptable, forever memorable and easily scalable.

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