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Building your strengths profile

This questionnaire is the first step in building your strengths profile. It is based on the work of Mike Pegg, founder of the Strengths Academy.

Please fill it in as if you are observing yourself from the outside.

Also, please ask 2 people whom you respect to fill it in.

If possible, your profile writer will speak to these people before writing your profile.

When filling in the profile, please:

  1. Be honest!
  2. Do not feel anxious if some of the answers seem to be contradictory, in fact feel pleased! Research shows that peak performers combine widely differing skills. Clarifying yours will help you to communicate your unique contribution.
  3. Put aside at least 30 minutes to complete this exercise. It may not take that long, but it is quite a big commitment.


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Your Name (required)

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The name of the person you are profiling (required)

The kinds of words I would use to describe this person and their contribution are:

The specific activities in which this person excels, delivering ‘A’s (rather than ‘B’s or ‘C’s) are:

This person transmits passion and positive energy when:

This person seems to be most at ease, yet also able to excel, when:

The characteristics of the people who appreciate this person best are people who:

The specific things I believe this person can achieve in their professional life are:

The Perfect Role: If I had a blank piece of paper, the perfect role I would invent for this person, even if it did not exist today, would be:

The benefits that people, employers or audiences could get from this person’s contribution are:

The kinds of support, encouragement and infrastructure this person needs around them to do their best work are:

Based on this person’s behaviour and what I know about them, I would say their values include:

The other things I would like to say about this person and their contribution are: