Bringing your stories to life
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I work with a range of clients who want to communicate compelling stories. These include:

Whilst I have extensive experience in the IT and executive coaching and mentoring sectors, and a burning passion for environmental and social responsibility projects, my specialism is writing compelling copy that inspires readers to take positive action. No matter who you are or where you are from, if you would like to use storytelling to inspire positive action, I can help you.

Here is what some clients say about my work:

Karl Noakes, Director of Partner Sales, Microsoft UK:

“We saw a 25% increase in partner satisfaction scores after launching the “Succeeding Together” book Nicki researched and wrote for us. We had simply forgotten to tell our story and to involve the people involved. Nicki really helped to bring our story alive in new and exciting ways.”

Katie Ledger, presenter on BBC’s flagship technology programme CLICK, communication coach and conference host:

“Nicki has a great gift for capturing the essence of people, businesses and ideas, and using it to spin a story. She’s the sort of free thinker that organisations and people who want to set the pace need to have on their side! The brand pyramid and stylish bio’ she wrote for me are brilliant. The pyramid enabled me to finally understand what it is I do for a living. The bio, enables potential clients to easily see how I can help them. It’s a great door-opener which always entices people to find out more.”


Randeesh Sandhu, entrepreneur and author:

“Nicki worked with me on my first book The Meaningful Life, How to Live the Life you Love and Love the Life you Live. She helped me to clarify my message, focus in on my audience, create a framework for an ongoing series of books and programmes, bring the manuscript to life with many personal stories and vignettes, create a synopsis and to get it published. She is more than a first reader or an editor. She is a very well read and creative writing companion who has helped to bring my first book to life and will continue to help with my subsequent books and work. At the risk of sounding clichéd, Nicki has consistently over-delivered on any work she has done for me.”


Bronwyn Kunhardt, director of citizenship, Microsoft UK:

“Corporate story telling is an is an art form. Used correctly it is like gold dust. Used incorrectly or unimaginitely, especially when communicating the same truth again and again, and its magic is lost. Nicki has worked with Microsoft’s corporate social responsibility team on several story-telling initiatives. Her input and advice at a strategic level is just as valuable as her ability to spot angles — often very surprising ones — which allow her to tell essentially the same story in multiple ways, ways which engage people emotionally and inspire them to act.”


Mike Pegg, strengths mentor, author and pioneer of The Strengths Academy:

“Nicki has the ability to capture and communicate the essence of a person or organisation. She knows how to clarify the theme they want to express—then communicate these messages in ways that captivate and inspire audiences. Incredibly customer focused, she takes enormous pains to get alongside people, distil their story and express it in ways that are exciting, enriching and effective. Nicki provides the communication arm that many people and organisations long for to get their messages out to the world.”


Tom Caple, business director, Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling:

“Nicki is a talented writer with a rare capacity for combining empathy and objectivity that gets people talking freely to her. Her integrity and honesty make her a stimulating and challenging colleague to work with and guarantee that her output will not only meet the brief but be credible to whatever audience she addresses.”


Haitham Himoud, marketing manager, Stratus EMEA:

“Stratus Technologies decided to bring the strengths stories of some of their ‘Hidden Heroes’ in EMEA to life in an internal online newsletter. Our aim was to foster feelings of pride in a new team implementing a new strategy. We wanted to encourage staff to implement and celebrate the strategy. The stories received 23% click through rates – 20% above the industry average, and 55% opening rates – 30% above industry average. Nicki’s people profiles are always insightful and amusing. People look forward to reading them and even to being interviewed. The stories have been so successful that we now use Nicki to write for our customer newsletters too.”


Adam Collins, capability development manager, BT Lynx:

“Nicki is one of the few writers I work with who can not only write about collaborative working – but do it! Even though her own personal style is strong, distinctive and great fun, it never dilutes the tone or style of the person or message she is working with. She is able to communicate complicated technical briefs in a way which non technical people find easy to understand. She also has lots of good ideas for new ways to present information. I have worked with her on two business critical brochures now and look forward to working with her again.”