Bringing your stories to life
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Why use a storyteller?

Stories provide a powerful tool for stating and sharing an organisation’s vision and purpose. They are the way people take in new philosophies and have been since the dawn of time. At the heart of every good business story there lies a truth that is simple enough for the management to communicate and so recognisable that others can quickly connect with it. Finding these truths and making connections can be tricky, especially if you are too involved. Bringing in an outsider allows insiders to be open and honest, to explore their stories and those of the organisations they work for. An outsider can balance empathy and objectivity to reveal simple truths, truths that are easy for people to understand and react to.

To find out more about the art of corporate story telling, download this article by Helen Love, founder of the internal communications specialists Intuitive Brands and former head of internal communications for Microsoft UK.